FCC To Propose Net Neutrality Rules Tomorrow

The government is finally cracking down on Net neutrality? Yes, it’s time! Tomorrow, the FCC plans to propose new rules for Internet service providers to prevent them from blocking certain types of traffic.

The proposed rules will regulate wireless Internet as well as broadband.

Internet providers have opposed regulations that would inhibit the way they control their networks, arguing they need to be able to make sure applications that consume a lot of bandwidth don’t slow Internet access to other users.

“This is about whether I can turn off my cable TV and watch TV over the Internet,” said Dave Burstein, editor of the DSL Prime broadband industry newsletter. “Comcast cares about this because they don’t want people to turn off their cable TV.”

We’ll find out the precise details during the announcement tomorrow, but someone is probably going to need to comfort Comcast, Charter, Time Warner, AT&T, and Verizon afterward.

Official: FCC to propose ‘Net neutrality’ rules [AP] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

(Photo: Martin Cathrae)