China Wants Us For Our "Jumbo, Juicy" Chicken Feet

The waters of international trade with the Chinese are perilous and murky to say the least. Sometimes it seems that all we do is buy, buy, buy. Not so. We do have something that the Chinese want. Chicken feet. Apparently, our chicken feet are awesome.

From the NYT:

About half of the chicken parts sold to China are wings and feet, which are worth only a few cents a pound in the United States. As delicacies in China, they fetch 60 cents to 80 cents a pound, a price that no other foreign market comes close to matching, according to industry experts.

Mr. Aho said the big chicken feet result from the American preference for white chicken meat. A bird bred for big breasts is necessarily bred to have big, strong feet and legs, he said. The United States is by far the world’s leading supplier of king-size chicken feet.

China is threatening to cut off imports of American chicken, but experts think they are too cracked out on our awesome chicken feet to go through with it.

“We have these jumbo, juicy paws the Chinese really love,” said Paul W. Aho, a poultry economist and consultant, “so I don’t think they are going to cut us off.”

You know, it’s nice to be good at something.

Chewy Chicken Feet May Quash a Trade War [NYT] (Thanks, Cory!)

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