Buying Your First Home? Here Are 7 Good Tips

Ron Lieber at the New York Times has put together seven sensible tips that can help you find a first time home that you can both afford and enjoy living in.

You should click through to read the detailed list, including some reasoning behind these tips, but here’s a quick summary:

  • “Start with the basics.” Approach your first home purchase conservatively.
  • “Consider your income.”
  • “Bow to unknowns.” We’re talking starting a family, or realizing in 5 years that you never wanted the career you’re currently in and need to switch paths.
  • “Map out expenses.” A lot of home buyers are stunned by the annual cost of maintenance.
  • “Buy best (or cheapest).” If you can’t afford the ideal home, it’s better to go cheap and save up rather than settle for a mediocre substitute that will drain your accounts while keeping you stuck in a home you don’t like.
  • “Stretch the house.” The longer you live in one house, the longer you put off the expense of moving to a newer/bigger one.
  • “The eight-hour rule.” If you can’t sleep at night due to worries about how to pay for the upcoming mortgage, you don’t need that mortgage.

“7 New Rules for First-Time Home Buyers” [New York Times]
(Photo: PinkMoose)

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