Walmart Puts Doritos, Pepsi In The Toy Aisle

Reader Edd was shopping at his local Walmart when he noticed something annoying. There’s a Pepsi & Dorito display in the middle of the toy aisle. Not at the end of the toy aisle. In the middle of it. Update: Mystery solved.

Edd says:

Our local Wal-Wart put up a Pepsico soda and chips display in the center of the toy department. As you can see it isn’t an accidental deal. It is exactly in the middle of the length of the aisle, and between the girl and the boy toys. In other words, dead center of their toy department. It is amongst the Nerf, and across from My Little Pony.

My wife asked, and was told that this was an order directly from a central office…

There appear to be some DVDs next to the snacks, which we suppose is the rationale. What do you think? Is this cool with you?

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