How To Strip Your Clothes Online For Easy Money

Blogger Fabulously Broke has put together a handy guide for selling excess clothing online.

Her advice: Take an inventory of everything you own and make a pile of all the stuff you can do without. Then sort that pile into four categories: the all-important “sell” pile, consisting of the stuff you could envision on a store rack, a “donate” pile with wearable stuff no one would pay for, a “repurpose” pile for clothing that could be re-used as rags and a “toss” pile destined for the landfills.

From there, you photograph, catalog and list your items online. And be detailed in your descriptions. She advises:

I am talking about making it funny, interesting, and helpful. Please don’t just list “A yellow shirt”.

Talk about how it fits on you, what you can pair it with (white jeans?) and what shade of yellow it is in the light (buttercup? lemon? mellow? pale?).

People aren’t just buying a yellow shirt for $1. They could go to Goodwill for that. Tell them WHY that yellow shirt is cool.

The whole process sounds tedious and makes me grateful that I care nothing about fashion and buy new clothing as rarely as possible, proudly boasting a wardrobe that consists solely of “toss”-categorized clothing. I could apply the process to my unruly video game accessories collection, though, if I weren’t so lazy.

Who out there has more tips for simplifying by selling your stuff online?

FB’s Guide to Selling Stuff Online [Fabulously “Broke” in the City]
(Photo: J Dailey)

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