Walmart Responds, Fixes Ruined Transmission

We’re not entirely sure Consumerist is responsible for Walmart finally getting back to Jeff on his ruined transmission—and frankly, because of the length of time between the incident and his complaint, as well as Walmart’s reputation for silence on consumer complaints like this, we didn’t expect much to happen at all. We were wrong, and we tip our hats to Walmart for making good on a very expensive mistake. Read Jeff’s update below.

Thank you, thank you to Consumerist and the many readers of the site!!

Before the petition for Walmart to look at our complaint even gained enough signatures, before the snail-mail-legal-sounding letters arrived in Arkansas, we received a call from an adjuster with Walmart’s claims department.

Due to the overwhelming response (I believe) on the internet, Walmart will take the following action:

1.) Pay for the vehicle to be towed 40+ miles back to the dealership.
2.) Pay the cost for a new transmission.
3.) Pay the cost for the dealer to install brand new transmission.
4.) Possibly pay the $400 we paid to have the system flushed.

Now, being one of the largest corporations in the world, I am fairly surprised and ECSTATIC that they have responded so quickly.

Check it out: the link to the Google search for “Walmart Transmission”.

In about 24 hours, this problem was solved, and we really have to thank the interwebs!!

Thanks again,

“Mysterious Oil Change Ruins Transmission, But Walmart Won’t Respond”
(Photo: Smudgie’s Ghost)

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