Internet Alerted To Our Cash4Gold Investigation

Consumerist sued by Cash4Gold after critical blog posts [BoingBoing]
Cash4Gold Sues Consumerist, Complaints Board Over Reports On Cash4Gold Practices [TechDirt]
Selling Your Gold? Read This First [CBS MoneyWatch]
Pawn Shops Are Your Friend [Gawker]
The Case They Don’t Want You To See! [Adrants]
A cold, hard look at Cash4Gold [Times Union]
Cash4Gold sues Consumerist and former employees [WalletPop]
All That Glitters Isn’t Gold [Citizen Media Law Project]
Cash4Gold Sues Consumerist [Business Insider]
Hold on to your gold chains: The Consumerist investigates Cash4Gold [John Tedesco]
Cash4Gold could be corrupt, but its a well executed money making machine and thats AWESOME [Nick Palacios]
Cash4Gold stipulates that you do not want to read []

What is Cash4Gold doing? Starting a “Search to Find the Perfect Canadian Personality for Future Ads.”
PREVIOUSLY: The Article Cash4Gold Doesn’t Want You To Read

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