Good News For Attorneys With Bulging Muscles, Pretty Dresses, And HDTVs

Have you taken a bar exam prep course since 2001? Have you shopped at Cache, bought an HDTV, or used creatine supplements? You just might be eligible for one of several recently settled lawsuits.

BARBRI Review Classes – Thomson/West is accused of violating antitrust laws by unfairly tying together the purchase of BAR/BRI and Multi-State Bar Exam courses. Minimum settlement of $40. Note: in this case, the person or company who paid for the course is the claimant, not necessarily the person who took it. File a claim here.

Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition (BSN) – Purchasers of BSN products Cellmass, Nitrix and N.O.-XPLODE. The products claimed to contain a form of creatine that does not, strictly speaking, exist. File a claim here.

Cache Retail Stores – You’re eligible if you made a purchase at a Cache store using a debit or credit card between December 4, 2006 and April 21, 2009. The suit alleges that the chain printed customers’ complete card numbers on receipts in violation of FACTA. File your claim here.

JVC HDTVs – The suit alleges that certain TVs didn’t actually have a 1080p resolution as claimed. File your claim here.

Thanks to Top Class Actions for the info!

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