Amazon Replaces Delivered, Stolen Package

Sarah ordered a book on Amazon, but the package was stolen before she could get to it. She called Amazon and was pleasantly surprised with the results. She writes:

I wanted to write you about a really positive experience I just had with Below is the email I sent to them, and their fast and unexpected response. I really did not expect to get anything from them due to the circumstances of the item lost, but thought it was worth a shot and they came through beautifully.

My email to Amazon:

I recently placed the order referenced above for the book “Ariel.” On Friday, August 29th, the day of the book’s arrival, I experienced a break-in at my home and the thief stole my mail from the mailbox (among other valuables). I would be happy to email you the police report # if necessary, the mail is listed among the stolen items. Is it possible for me to get another copy of the book free of charge? I understand that this is an out-of-the-ordinary situation, I would be more than willing to pay S&H for it. Thank you.

Amazon’s response, less than 24 hours later:

Hello, I’m sorry your shipment was lost. Because of the circumstances surrounding your order, I’ve made an exception to our standard policy and placed a new order that’s listed below. We’ll ship it to the same address as soon as possible. I’ve also upgraded the shipping method to One-Day Shipping at no additional charge. There’s no charge for this replacement order. We look forward to your next visit. Best regards, Prasath C.Amazon.comWe’re Building Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company

Despite what the CSR told Sarah, it seems as though they way the company handled her misfortune was the rule rather than the exception. Remember that time Amazon replaced the stolen Wii?

Regardless, it would be foolish to expect a free replacement if a thief should strike. If your package gets thieved, remember to be nice to your Amazon CSR and don’t give him or her any reason to think you’re being dishonest.

(Photo: mod*betty)