Support Your Poor, Needy Local NFL Team By Playing Lottery

A common rationalization for lottery players who throw away their cash on get-rich-quick dreams is “it’s OK if I lose, because at least the money is going to schools.”

Now Dallas residents can substitute “schools” with “Tony Romo’s next signing bonus” and “big, stupid, punt-blocking scoreboards.” The gambling-averse NFL has buckled to economic pressures and allowed teams to sell their own state lottery scratch-off tickets, the Dallas Morning News reports.

The Cowboys hope to make $4.2 million from the tie-in, and the Houston Texans could pull in $1.45 million, the Dallas Morning News reports:

These scratch-off games were made possible after the NFL decided in May to drop its ban on such sponsorships. The NFL and major sports leagues have typically shied away from associations with any type of gambling.

The recession, however, has put a squeeze on even the nation’s most lucrative franchises. In the Cowboys’ case, despite having the NFL’s most expensive stadium and one of the biggest names in sports, the team has been unable to land a naming-rights deal this year.

At least the money going to worthy causes. Terrell Owens’ contract buyout isn’t going to pay itself off, so it’s nice that poor people with delusions of quick, easy wealth will be chipping in.

Cowboys cashing in on Texas Lottery scratch-off tickets [Dallas Morning News]
(Photo: blue_j)

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