Toyota Accused Of Hiding Evidence In Hundreds Of Consumer Lawsuits

A former attorney for Toyota Motor Sales has filed a federal racketeering suit against the company, accusing them of failing to turn over or destroying documents relevant to accident victims’ lawsuits against the company.

Dimitrios Biller worked for Toyota from 2003 to 2007 and defended the company against lawsuits by customers whose vehicles had rolled over.

The complaint charges that in a pair of lawsuits in Colorado and Texas, Toyota failed to fully disclose electronic data (such as e-mails) in defiance of court orders to do so. It states that when Biller learned of the company’s failure to produce design and test data from an engineering subsidiary, he attempted to collect and preserve the information.

Despite these efforts, the engineering unit “was allowed to destroy relevant information and documents that should have been produced in, approximately, over 300 rollover accidents involving roof crush issues,” the lawsuit claims.

Toyota not only denies Biller’s allegations, but claims that his lawsuit, as well as his consulting work after leaving Toyota, constitute a violation of attorney-client privilege. Is he a brave whistleblower, or a deeply disgruntled ex-employee who left the company after a mental breakdown?

Toyota Accused of Hiding Evidence [CBS News] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)
Biller v. Toyota (PDF) [Original Lawsuit]

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