Driving Your Rolls Royce Through The Wall Is Not A Good Way To Lodge A Complaint

This is probably something we shouldn’t have to tell you, but apparently some people are confused. For example, this guy: He decided to drive his 1983 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit through the wall of a store after a dispute over the delivery of a mattress.

From the Telegraph:

[The prosecutor] said: “There was an argument about a furniture order and they did not deliver a mattress with a bedroom set.

“Staff in the store were trying to help him, but they weren’t getting anywhere with customer service because it was a telephone order from Tesco Direct, not from them.

“The staff were on the phone trying to help him, but [the customer] was intoxicated and was getting agitated.

“Then he went and got in his car and had a conversation with at least one security guard and asked him how long it would take to evacuate the store.

“He said he was going to drive his car in there. A little while later he drives the car up to the glass and nudges it, and then reverses a bit and puts his foot down.”

Man drove Rolls Royce into Tesco [Telegraph]
(Photo: PA)

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