WaPo Devotes Five Pages To Wawa/Sheetz Epic

We thought our love for Wawa was deep and true, then we read this lengthy column in the Washington Post about people getting married at a Wawa or flocking to the stores on 9/11 to regain a sense of community and normalcy.

For those of you who have never visited or lived along the mid-Atlantic or eastern Rust Belt, Wawa and Sheetz are two very similar gas station/convenience stores that are just light years ahead of 7-Eleven, Cumberland Farms, etc. in terms of food and drink selection, clean bathrooms, and the amount of Prince and Genesis that is regularly played over their speakers.

We lived across the street from a Wawa our last year of law school and are still paying off the balance on our Wawa Visa. Our last meal will be a pizza cheese steak and a half gallon of diet lemonade iced tea.

Wawa vs. Sheetz [WaPo]
(Photos: mortonfox, hswilkinson)

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