Suspicious Stain Removal Advice Sought From Home Depot

Sure, there’s probably a perfectly innocuous explanation why a woman called the Home Depot in Jacksonville, Illinois and asked how to remove a large quantity of blood from her carpets. But that doesn’t stop people’s imaginations from running wild, and didn’t stop the employee who took the call from alerting the police.

Perhaps the question sounds a little more nefarious than it was, but the caller’s demands to know how to solve the problem were enough to raise the attention of the Home Depot employee who answered the phone.

After that inquiry, the woman asked if the Morton Avenue business rented steam cleaners.

It does, by the way, but because it was going on 11 p.m. Monday and the store was closed, the woman was told she would have to wait until at least 6 a.m.

The woman was skittish about identifying herself, so the employee thought it would be a good idea to let police know about the cryptic conversation.

I guess Hints from Heloise just wouldn’t write back quickly enough. If you encounter this problem, try hydrogen peroxide.

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(Photo: Abhishek Jacob)