Best Buy Will Bribe Customers To Keep Their New Fat PS3s

The PS3 Slim is hitting stores next week, or even sooner at some stores, so it’s natural that recent buyers of older-model, fatter, more expensive PS3s will be returning their consoles en masse.

To stem off the return carnage, Best Buy is getting proactive by offering gamers a sweet deal to accept their new/old PS3 for what it is. According to an store memo attained by Kotaku, Best Buy will price match the old console and give customers a free game (Infamous, MLB 09 The Show or Killzone 2) if they keep their PS3 Fats.

Kotaku reports:

It’s important to note that this isn’t an advertised sale, it’s an internal memo. So it may be up to the store manager’s discretion how often to offer the deal. I’d also assume that this would only hold for Playstation 3‘s purchased within the past 30 days and with a valid receipt.

Are any of you recent PS3 buyers who will take Best Buy up on the deal? Or would you rather go for the Slim’s larger hard drive and sleeker form factor? Those who are into the deal should get out there soon and buy a big-boned PS3 before the Slims hit shelves.

Best Buy Offering Free Games To Prevent PS3 Slim Trade-Ins [Kotaku]
(Photo: Vincent J. Brown)

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