What Do Sales Data Show About This Recession?

Sure, it’s intuitive and obvious that people spend less during a recession in general, but the titans of retail also keep track of what Americans are and aren’t spending money on. According to the Associated Press, gleaned from reports from some of the nation’s major retailers, here’s what Americans are buying, and what we aren’t.

Home and Garden
People are buying: Small garden items and paint (particularly in areas with high home foreclosure rates)
People aren’t buying: Large appliances, furniture, and durable household goods

Fashion and Beauty
People are buying: The grooming products they used to buy at department stores…at discount stores
People aren’t buying: New clothes, lingerie, perfume

People are buying: Spam, cereal, canned chili
People aren’t buying: Frozen prepared meals

What conclusions can we draw from all this? Overall, people are being cautious, spending more time at home, and looking for bargains when they do shop. Which we suspect is how many Consumerist readers live even when there isn’t a recession on.

Meltdown 101: What are people buying now?

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