Are You Hiring? Look Out For Fake Job Reference Agencies

Are you looking for a job? Do you need positive references, but don’t have anyone left from your old employer who would say nice things about you after the incident with the office bagel tray, shaving cream, and a box of gerbils? Don’t worry. You can take care of that with a few hundred dollars.

Yes, Alibi HQ, a company better known for providing fake invitations, conference programs, and phone screening to give people plausible cover stories, also provides employment services. They provide fake references and employment verification services. From their page:

If you’re in need of Fake Job Reference services, we’ll provide a local or toll free number for your previous employer or employers. We’ll answer all incoming calls as the fictitious company and confirm your dates of employment, indicate that you are eligible to be rehired.

The reader who shared this with us is looking at the situation from a hiring perspective. As should you. This is why it’s a good idea to double-check numbers provided to you. Reverse lookup is your friend. If there’s no Yellow Pages listing for a number that your prospective renter or employee claims is a law firm….big red flag, right there.


(Photo: matt512)

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