Crazy CSR Loves Spam, You, Hanging Up Abruptly

Megan sent us this transcript of a recent phone conversation she had with someone from a mysteriously generic “cardholder services” that called her.

CSR: Hi, how may I help you Ms. [redacted]?
Me: Please take my number off your list.
CSR: I love you.
Me: Um.
CSR: Do you like spam?
Me: No…
CSR: I love spam, fried up all crispy with maybe a little mayo.
Me: What is this?
CSR: *click*

Megan adds,

Just got the strangest call from “cardholder services” from an undisclosed company. Got the recorded spiel about it being a final offer to lower my interest rates and to press 9 to speak with someone. I pressed 9 figuring I’d ask them to lose my number.

I am so confused. Is anyone else getting these types of bizarre calls? I’m wondering how they knew my name and what the motivation could possibly be.

The only thing we can figure out is that the killer from Student Bodies is on the loose again (watch from :20 to :55 if you dare). Don’t have sex if you’re a teenager and you should be okay.

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