American Airlines Misplaces Your Grandmother, Twice

Every once in awhile we post a sad story about someone’s 85-year-old grandmother being left at the gate because nobody came to push the wheelchair. This is one of those stories. The difference, however, is that in this case American Airlines left the woman at the gate, apologized, got her a hotel, brought her back, and left her with a Skycap. She missed the second flight too.

The abandoned woman isn’t even angry at the airline. She says she loves flying and will do it again. Her kids, however are not in a very good mood after hours of wondering what happened to their mother.

The trouble started Tuesday. Ms. Jones had a connecting flight at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. She made the connection in time, but no one pushed her wheelchair down the jetway.

After the gate agent realized what had happened, he called her family and American Airlines arranged for food and a hotel room. The following morning Ms. Jones was returned to the Terminal and left with a Skycap. Nobody helped her to her gate and she missed the second flight, too. Eventually she was upgraded to first class and given a $100 voucher for a future flight.

Ms. Jones’ family says that they are upset about the lack of communication from AA.

From WFAA:

“It’s just a simple human error,” said Tim Wagner, an American Airlines spokesman. “We apologized profusely to Ms. Jones. We’ve done everything we’ve been able to do to make her comfortable.”

American Airlines forgets grandmother at gate [WFAA]

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