T-Mobile To Charge $1.50 For Paper Phone Bills

If you’re a T-Mobile USA customer who likes to kick it old-school with a paper bill, checks, stamps and whatnot, bad news. Starting September 12, you’ll be charged $1.50 per account for the privilege of receiving your bill by mail.

Since customers who want or need a detailed, itemized bill are already charged $2 for that service, customers who want an itemized paper bill will pay $3.50 per month. That’s $42 per year. To get a copy of your own phone bill.

Maybe this is all part of T-Mobile’s new effort to paint themselves as a “green” mobile phone company. Or they’re just trying to come up with new fees.

I think it’s that second one. Making matters worse, it sounds like the fee isn’t a change to the contract, so it doesn’t qualify as a “get out of T-Mobile free” card for anyone shopping for a shiny new carrier.

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(Photo: lauriebird)

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