ADT: Sign Up Or Thieves Will Kill Your Dogs With Oven Cleaner

Leo thought that letting his two dogs greet an approaching ADT salesman would be enough of a hint that he didn’t want their security services. Nope! The well-trained salesman sensitively barked: “You know what they are doing to dogs now, don’t you? They’re spraying oven-cleaner into their face, killing them in 20 seconds!”

Leo writes:

I just got a visit from a friendly neighborhood ADT salesman who freaked the hell out of me.

My dogs went nuts when they saw him approaching the house, but I didn’t get to the door fast enough to drawn the shade and hide in my closet, so when he rang the bell I was forced to open it. I saw his big ADT yard sign and T-shirt, so I knew what was coming. I opened the door to tell him buzz off when my Jack Russell blew through the front door and into my yard, barking at him incessantly as my bigger dog barked from the door. I smiled and retrieved my dog, saying ‘Well I guess I don’t need you since I have them.” I offered a meak smile for politeness sake and headed back inside.

“You know what they are doing to dogs now, don’t you?” He yelled back at me. I figured some side-show horror story was coming and didn’t want to hear it, so I said ‘Not interested buddy’ and kept walking. “They’re spraying oven-cleaner into their face, killing them in 20 seconds!” he screamed back. What the @#$%!

This guy was soooo ready for me to use my dog excuse to get out of talking to him, and freaked me with something I have never heard of and now will never forget. He was obviously trained to respond this way because he didn’t stop talking even though I said I wasn’t interested. Sweet holy crap what kind of company allows its people to say such horrible things to potential customers. I know times are tough and everybody is just trying to survive but come on…they’re gonna spray my dogs in the face with oven cleaner?

I told him I didn’t want to hear anymore and shut the door in his freaky face. Consumerist, two questions. (A) Have YOU ever heard of breakins by theives bearing Pam, and (B) am I the only one really disturbed by what this guy said? I mean he said it so non-chalantly is was clearly rehearsed. I’m a corporate trainer and I spend my days teaching people who not to sound like that.

I don’t own any oven cleaner because cleaning sucks, and after today, that’s the way its staying…

Um, well, no, now that you ask, this is the first we’ve heard of Pam-wielding thieves. Does Pam even clean ovens? We use it on cookware, not dogs, but it’s that sort of inside-the-box thinking that keeps us from being thieves.

The pushy retort is less surprising. Salesmen often pack snappy answers to common objections, and sometimes, like with ADT’s salesman, they go way over the line.

(Photo: OakleyOriginals)

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