Walmart: Want The Online Price? You Must Wait Two Weeks For No Reason

Lloyd wanted a GPS to guide him on his vacation, so to make sure he’d have it in time, and the best deal he could find was online at Walmart. Verifying that the item was in stock, he headed to his nearby store, hoping to pick it up and be on his way.

Walmart had a little surprise for him once he got to the store, though. Turns out the item was $20 more in store than online, and Walmart refused to price-match its own online price. Even worse, if he wanted to order the item online for in-store pick-up, he’d have to wait forever.

Lloyd speaks:

I asked if I could use an internet terminal so I wouldn’t have to drive home to place the order so I could pick up the unit now and the salesperson said yes. She showed me the kiosk and I placed the order. Upon confirmation of the online order, the screen said I would receive an email between July 20-24 (nearly two weeks after my vacation was scheduled) telling me to go and pick up the GPS. Since we’re going on vacation this weekend, I need the GPS now and was lead to believe I could pick it up right away.

Lloyd says he’s ditching Wal-Mart for life because of its silly, consumer-unfriendly practices. Which leaves more overpriced GPSes for the rest of us!

(Photo: largeheartedboy)

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