Kindle Deletions: Amazon Ate Student's Homework

I was never much for writing in books in school, though I did use Post-Its frequently. Which is a precursor to leaving digital notes in a Kindle edition of the book. A Michigan high school student is one of the parties in a class action suit against Amazon because in deleting the unauthorized MobileReference edition of 1984, the company effectively ate his homework.

Gawronski told The Associated Press he was assigned “1984” for an advanced placement course in which students must turn in “reflections” on each 100 pages of text when they return from summer break, then take a test. He was a quarter to halfway through the book when it disappeared from his Kindle.

His notes on the book were “rendered useless because they no longer referenced the relevant parts of the book,” according to the lawsuit.

The notes now apply to an edition of the book to which nobody has access. Another Kindle owner, an adult in Milpitas, Calif., is also a party. Chicago attorney Jay Edelson filed the lawsuit.

Amazon sued over Kindle deletion of Orwell books [AP] (Thanks, Bryan!)

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