Surely We Can Survive On Five Postal Deliveries A Week?

The Postmaster General announced this week that he expects the Postal Service annual deficit to reach a whopping $7 billion, and he continued to push for five-days-a-week delivery — which would save $3 billion a year. But Congress ain’t too happy about that solution and continues to look for other ways to save cash.

The Postal Service has already tried to cut costs, including a hiring freeze since spring 2008, the elimination of 1,400 management jobs, early retirement for 150,000 workers, and the shuttering of six district offices. But the question remains: Now that almost all bills are paid online and even our grandmothers are on Twitter…. for $3 billion, do we really need one extra day of junk mail?

Increasing Postal Deficits Intensify Talks on Solution [New York Times]

(Photo: Maximillian Gleeson)

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