Have Your Way With Blockbuster For $10 A Week

Looking for a way to stop the hemorrhaging, Blockbuster is offering a clever little promotion to lure mega-movie geeks back into its dusty aisles for one more fling. The Summer Escape Pass offers all-you-can watch for $10 a week.

The offer, which restricts you to one rental at a time, is good through Sept. 7. If I didn’t have 40 Netflix instant-watch flicks waiting for me on my Xbox 360, if my DVR wasn’t filled with unwatched Family Guys, Simpsons and South Parks and if I didn’t have Flight of the Conchords season two preordered on Amazon I might just take Blockbuster up on the deal.

But I won’t. And neither will anyone else who keeps current with home entertainment technology, which is sort of why Blockbuster is screwed to begin with. But it would be fun to take a long weekend to go on a nonstop movie binge. In a nostalgic 1998 style.

Blockbuster ‘summer escape pass’ allows unlimited rentals for $10/week [Joystiq]
(Photo: imjoshdotcom)

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