AT&T Charges Customer Twice, Refuses To Investigate It

We think AT&T just stole about $157 from commenter Spoco. They applied the payment as always via his Amex card, but then said that it was declined and auto-debited it a second time a month later (+ late fees, of course). The only problem is, it wasn’t declined, and Spoco has proof. He just can’t get anyone at AT&T to care.

My AT&T bill is set to charge to my American Express every month. Its simple, I get the points, and I make one payment to AMEX for everything. After receiving my recent AT&T bill, I noticed that AT&T stated that I owed $317.60, including $157.40 from last month’s bill and $160.20 in new charges.

I did not notice anything significantly different last month, but I went and checked my AMEX statement anyway – sure enough on June 27, AT&T charged me $157.40 as they should have. Well, my bill stated that my card was declined and that’s what the AT&T rep said. “Your card was declined, spoco.” was pretty much the way it was handled. I could not escelate because “I did not have a valid concern that would need to involve a supervisor.” The local AT&T store could not help either.

So even though I have transaction IDs and proof that the bill was paid by automatic draft to my AMEX, they will not discuss it. Well, on 7/26, they charged my AMEX the full amount due, $317.60. I contacted them again, and its the same song and dance – “I owed from a previous bill.” I can’t even get anyone to even look at the possibility that there was a mistake on their part.

Spoco, if you can’t get anyone at ground-level customer service to help you, it’s time to aim higher. Try contacting others within the company and explain what’s happening.

You should also make it clear to AT&T that you will initiate a reversal of the payment should they refuse to investigate it.

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