Look Out For These Ways Money Slips Down The Drain

Like water swirling a drain, it’s in your money’s inert nature to flow away from you. Blogger Fabulously Broke identifies several ways in which people waste funds without realizing what they’re doing.

One of her tips to plug all the gaps is to go a little maniacal and unplug absolutely everything when you go out and about:

I should show you what our apartment looks like for electricity. BF went hardcore this time…

EVERYTHING we have plugged in, including our microwave, are all on power strips. The oven is the only exception. When we go to sleep, we shut off the power strips, therefore, cutting all energy vampire suckage while we are conked out.

The post also recommends buying used cars over new, suppressing the need to unnecessarily upgrade your toys and getting over your self-image in order to wear clothes past whatever you think their fashion-mandated expiration dates might be.

The advice is all sound except for the bit that recommends against pining for 50-inch TVs. Those save you money by taking away wall space you might feel the need to re-paint or cover with expensive wall decorations. Right?

When money silently trickles away [Fabulously Broke In the City]
(Photo: The Joy Of The Mundane)