Chase Barrages Customer With Overdraft Fees

Just about everyone’s been smacked with an overdraft fee before, but Michael writes us about his partner who is drowning in a flood of such exploitative charges.

His tale:

I am really hoping Consumerist can help me with this. I know this isn’t a rare or shocking issue, but Chase is really hurting my partner’s new business with a massive amount of overdraft fees. My partner, Frank, used his personal card to buy computer equipment for his business (after his bank canceled most of his business credit lines). He forgot this card deducted right out of his checking account, a mistake he admits. The bank proceeded to charge $34 for each of 18 charges, including a 45 cent parking meter charge and several charges in a row for $5 drinks at a bar.

Frank has spoken with about half a dozen different people in person and over the phone with little result (they overturned the 45 cent charge). Chase is claiming these charges are from Wamu, but then claim there is no one from Wamu left with the authority to overturn these charges.

My partner has really been struggling to start his business (Chiropractic office). He has more than $250,000 of debt from medical school and has had so many deals fall through for credit to start his business because of the economy (his credit is flawless), but is one of the hardest workers I know. I pray Consumerist can help bring attention to Chase’s abuse of a loyal customer and possibly help remedy this injustice.

If Consumerist had the power to answer prayers, it would most certainly charge for the service, or at least suggest a hefty donation for its tip jar. But what we can do is post your tale and inspire a lot of commenters to curse Chase’s name and join in with their own horror stories about that bank and others. So off we go!

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