Web Host Outsources Their "Office Of The President"?

Cyberguy had a weird experience with a web hosting company earlier this week. He tried to contact their office of the president, but the person from the “office” who called him back turned out to be an outsourced CSR with no power to do anything other than apologize. Update: The web host company was GoDaddy, and they’ve responded. (The short answer is no they don’t outsource it.)

Cyberguy gave us the phone number and name of the company, but we’re holding off until Monday to see if we can get some sort of response from the company first. (We tried the number at 4pm ET and our call was routed to a voicemail account.)

Here’s what happened:

Here’s a good one! Had a problem with [redacted]. Exhausted avenues with Customer Support. Asked for the email of the “Office of the President” and was told it was president@[redacted]. Wrote an elaborate discussion of the issue. To my delight, the next day I got a call from Rod in the “Office of the President.” He was apologetic, but after going around in circles, was unable to offer any remedy at all for my inconvenience. When asked 4 separate times what he could offer, each time he told me what he COULDN’T offer. Sounded like typical canned corporate lip service! Couldn’t get him off-script!

INTERESTINGLY, when I called back on the ID Tel #, I got right through to another gentleman who annouced “Office of the President.” I asked of what company this was the “Office of the President.” SILENCE! Asked again. The stuttered response was that they worked with a number of companies bla bla bla.

BRILLIANT! A company called “Office of the President,” to which you can outsource your “Office of the President” inquiries, employing top notch lip service folks who have no real power to do anything but molify and offer scripted apologies! HA! Professional Apologizers!

“Hate those nasty inquiries to your Office of the President? Hate to constantly apologize for your Corporate failings all day long? Let our Office of the President be yours. We excel at apologizing, and will do it all day long for you!”

(Photo: bschmove)

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