Guy Who Protested Mortgage Denial And Took Out $190,000 In Twenties Ends Up Putting It All Back In Very Same Bank

New Zealand artist Roger Griffiths is having one dinky-di bonzer of a week. First, he was denied a mortgage by Westpac, his bank of 25 years. In protest, he then
withdrew $190,000 in $20 bills.
Take THAT! Then he and his bag o’loot were all over the internet, and he received hundreds of supportive emails. But what to do with $190,000 in $20 bills??? Well, he decided to deposit it at NBS, a rival bank. Good move! Except that… NBS sends its cash to Westpac for safekeeping. Which means poor old Roger’s money is back with the beast.

Roger “appreciated the irony”, but “just wanted to get back to painting.” Oh, and he lost the house he was interested in buying. Someone else got it.

Ironic turn after man’s Westpac protest [The Nelson Mail] (Thanks to Tresser!)
(Photo: Marion Van Dijk/The Nelson Mail)

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