iPods Are On Fire — No, Really

iPods aren’t only en fuego on the sales charts, but a 15 have been reported catching actual fire as customers used them.

According to a Fox News story, the Seattle TV station KIRO-TV — which apparently no longer has the story up on its site — ferreted out federal documents that underline the hotness:

In a report posted on its Web site Tuesday, KIRO-TV says it used the Freedom of Information Act to get more than 800 pages of Consumer Product Safety Commission documents regarding iPod-related injuries and property damage.

Within the documents were details of at least 15 separate incidents where iPods overheated, sparked, smoked, caused burns or caught fire, KIRO-TV said.

The story says one iPod flamed a bedside chair, one burned a teen girl’s hand and another went flame-on while aboard a ship. Hot stuff, baby.

Report: Federal Documents Detail iPods Overheating, Catching Fire [Fox News]
(Photo: yoshiffles)