How To Guard Your Identity From Being Stolen

Although the threat of identity theft may be a bit overblown, it’s still a good idea to do everything you can within reason to stop yourself from becoming a victim.

Examiner suggest some tried and true ways to insulate yourself from identity-theft danger, including this tip:

Move your financial transactions online by turning off paper invoices, statements and checks, including paychecks, and replacing them with electronic versions where offered by employers, banks, utilities or merchants. Avoid mailing checks to pay bills or deposit funds in your banking account. Instead, pay bills online and use remote deposit check imaging services on online banking sites.

This effort rubs out the paper trail. Crooks are more likely to steal information on paper, from personal belongings and through telephone calls, rather than online.

Other advice includes keeping tabs on your accounts, keep personal information to yourself and watch out for phishing e-mails. Anything to keep your financial profile to yourself, because identity theft is one case when imitation is not a form of flattery.

Consumer 101: How can I stop ID-theft cold? [Examiner]
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