Save Money on Cable Television and TV Services

Given the state of the economy, it seems like everyone is looking for ways to save on non-discretionary expenses. Lucky for us, The Digerati Life offers some useful thoughts on how to cut back on TV services without turning off media completely. Their five suggestions include:

1. Get what you need out of your television service. For some of you, having cable beyond a basic package is a waste of money.

2. Skip Pay Per View, always. The cost of Pay Per View is enough to make me cry.

3. Check out video rental services. Consider Netflix or Blockbuster online. For those who don’t watch television frequently and are very busy, this option could even replace your cable costs.

4. Make going to the movies more affordable. Skip the snack bar, skip the more expensive, night time movies and look out for coupons to the theater and check their website: your theater may offer cheaper prices for tickets purchased online.

5. Check out other resources. Check out your local library and organize a movie night with friends!

It’s a decent list, though they could have mentioned all the free stuff offered on the web —, ESPN360 (for certain “partner networks”), and television networks hosting downloads/web viewing of their own shows.

What else did they miss? Any other suggestions for cutting back on media expenses without leaving yourself high and dry for entertainment?

Save Money on Cable Television and TV Services [The Digerati Life]

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