Dramatically Reduce Junk Mail in 3 Easy Steps

While the amount of unsolicited direct mail offers have plummeted during the recession, I bet you’re still getting a lot more junk mail than you’d like.

Here are three sites you can visit to dramatically reduce your junk mail:
1. OptOutPrescreen.com – You’re all probably familiar with this site, it’s where you can register to opt out of “firm offers of credit or insurance.” When you sign up, you can opt out for five years or opt out permanently (and you can opt back in through the site). By opting out, you will no longer receive firm (preapproved/prescreened) offers of credit.
2. DMAchoice.org – The Direct Marketing Association has a mailing list that is used by DMA member merchants for direct mail, such as letters, flyers, brochures. Through their site, you can put your name on a do-not-mail list and all DMA members are required to stop marketing to consumers who opt out.
3. AbacusOptOut – Abacus, a division of Epsilon Data Services, has the largest database of mailing addresses for store and online catalogs. Companies join the “cooperative” by sharing information about their customers and transactions, which are then used to send out mailers.

One warning, companies with which you have a “business relationship” can still contact you with offers. You’ll have to directly request that the company stop sending you solicitations, they are not bound by the Do Not Mail list.

By putting yourself on a Do Not Mail list at each of those three services, you will see your junk mail drop dramatically. Each one should take you only a few minutes of time to complete. Think of all the trees you’ll be saving!

Jim writes about personal finance at Bargaineering.com.

Photo: scottandlesley

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