Program Gives You Green For Being Green

A free service that lets you earn cash for trimming your energy use, My Emissions Exchange tracks your eco-friendly ways, turn your actions into carbon credits and sell them online to companies looking to pay to pollute.

The Daily Green has a detailed post on the program:

To get started, you create a personal profile with usage data from your utility bills over the last year at My Emissions Exchange. Then, you reduce your energy consumption. My Emissions Exchange certifies your personal carbon credits, and sells them for you in the global voluntary carbon market.

The carbon credits are equal to a one-ton reduction in carbon emission, and are currently trading between $10 and $25, according to the site.

The story goes on to say if you do some simple things such as replacing your lightbulbs or raise your thermostat, you should be able to rack up your first credits in a three months or less.

Earn Cash for Cutting Carbon [The Daily Green]
(Photo: afagen)

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