T-Mobile Coupons Save Your Cash AND Your Environment

Fashioning itself a jolly green giant, T-Mobile USA is getting in on money-saving and environmentalist fads by offering a Green Mobile Coupon application that lets its customers access coupons they can scan at cash registers to save on environmentally friendly items.

The British Dialaphone blog wrote up a trend story on the news, explaining how the application is better for advertisers and consumers:

Mobile coupons are increasingly popular for a number of reasons. They are more efficient than printable coupons for both the customer and the advertiser. Customers like them because they don’t have to carry handfuls of coupons around with them anymore. Advertisers like them because they cost less to create plus they can be targeted to specific users much more easily than printed coupons can. Advertisers can use T-Mobile’s new Green Perks program to create coupons through the site; they can market almost anything as long as it has an eco-friendly slant to it.

The upshot is by clipping coupons all these years, you were destroying your grandkids’ futures. Of course, you’re also doing so by charging up your cell phone every night, so whatever.

T-Mobile Adds Coupons to Green Mobile Aps [Dialaphone]
(Photo: Crawfishpie)

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