A Dagger For Blu-Ray: GameStop Deems Discs Un-Tradeworthy

Blu-ray sales may be on the uptick, with sales up 72 percent so far over what they were last year at this point, but apparently the format isn’t so hot at GameStop, which is apparently phasing out accepting the high-definition movie discs in return for cash or store credit.

Because the PlayStation 3 is the most popular Blu-ray player, gamers have driven what little success the format has had as it edged out HD-DVDs but has thus far failed to push DVD players out of the vast majority of living rooms or even make up for drooping sales of the older format.

On a tip from a friend, I spot-called several GameStop stores in Tucson and found that none of them take Blu-ray for trade-in anymore. Most of the stores hadn’t been taking them for a while.

We’ve contacted GameStop for confirmation multiple times in the last month but the company has yet to get back to us.

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