Not-So Accurate Free Toys 'R' Us Shipping Promise Makes Reader Shoot Self In Foot

Toys “R” Us has a clever little “free shipping” trap going on with its Nerf guns, reader Chi writes. The site offers a couple of compelling deals that, when combined together, cancel one another out and pretty much screw you over.

You can buy the gun with free shipping, but if you choose to add the offer for free ammo you end up paying for shipping anyway, making the armor not so free.

Chi writes about how he got suckered in:

Like many people I have seen the Nerf guns and thought they all looked cool. So there was a special going on with free shipping and extra ammo. So I thought I could waste $11 on a nerf gun. The shipping for just the gun is $5.04, which is waived because of free shipping. Now you get a free pack of nerf ammo with the purchase, though you have to pay shipping. Now shipping for them together is $5.08. So you would think you would have to pay sales tax and $.04 for shipping right? No, they lower your free shipping to $2.82 so that they squeeze a couple more dollars from you. Not a huge deal but strange how the system changes how much free shipping you get. Damn, guess I really want that Nerf gun.

Unless Chi’s nearest Toys ‘R’ Us is more than $2.82 worth of gas away, his buyer’s remorse is justified. But hey, don’t feel too bad for him. He’s got a Nerf gun and ammo and you don’t.

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