AmEx Won't Reactivate Your Account Without A Note From Your Lawyer

American Express won’t reactivate the charge card Xiyang closed more than two years ago until they get a note on letterhead confirming the source and amount of his annual income from an “accountant, broker, or attorney.” Two accountants and a lawyer each told Xiyang they never heard of such a request, and said that it would be a “HUGE liability” for them to verify his income. Xiyang offered to send in pay stubs in addition to the IRS documents he already submitted, but AmEx won’t budge until they receive their verification on letterhead.

Xiyang writes:

2 years ago I had an AMEX charge card and closed the account after 6 months of use. Just recently I decided to re-apply for the AMEX charge card, and since then… it has gone done the hill for me. A little background about me:

I’m currently employed, FICO is 724 with no lates, collections, or baddies whatsoever. Continuing..

In response to the application, AMEX mailed me a letter stating:

This letter is in response to your recent correspondence concerning your application for the AMEX Preferred Rewards Green Card.

We are attempting to confirm your total annual income. Unfortunately, the information you provided cannot be considered proof of your income. A letter from the following source(s), on original business letterhead confirming the amount and source(s) of your annual income, including social security number and billing address would be sufficient. Upon receipt of this information, we will be pleased to reactivate your application.




Its funny how AMEX has put me in a catch 22 situation since I don’t have an accountant, broker, or attorney. They already received my 1040 transcript from the IRS and insist that my application will not be processed until I get the letter with the business letterhead. I asked if there was any alternative to the letter such as pay stubs, bank statements, and utility bill… but the request was DENIED. Seriously, is my credit report, and documents sent from the IRS not sufficient???? So I called 2 CPA’s and an attorney to see what was their take was on this type of situation.

At the begining of my conversation with them, all 3 professionals speculated that AMEX’s request is probably a phishing scam and they have never heard of such ridiculous request. After convincing them that this was a legitimate request, unfortunately they were not able to provide such letterhead stating such information (which I could completely understand). All 3 of them said that it would be a “HUGE” liablitity for their firm/ practice if they were to disclose such sensitive information (especially my income and SS #). At the same time, AMEX could probably sue their practice or firm if any of the information were to be incorrect.

Then I called AMEX executive support, and the representative was no help. The only thing she said was the policies are setforth by our chairman and the only thing I can do is transfer you to new accounts. Funny, because new accounts are the ones that are not willing to to help me. Honestly, is AMEX purposely trying to shun me?

I’ve given up on the application and will take my business elsewhere.

It’s not unusual for AmEx to request financial data on letterhead, but it’s usually information banks routinely provide. Has anyone seem a similar request before?

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