Direct Sales Grow As Unemployment Increases

Avon, Tupperware, and other direct-sales companies are gaining in popularity, just as they did during the 1990-91 recession. Whether they still have jobs or not, people are looking for ways to earn additional income.

Becke Alexander, sales manager for New York-based Avon Products Inc., hears each week from laid-off bankers and stay-at-home moms, but also gainfully employed people worried how long they’ll stay that way. All of them are willing to knock on doors, host parties or do whatever else it takes to peddle some makeup.

“‘I need money.’ That’s what I’ve been hearing since about November,” Alexander said. “There are no hobby seekers coming here. It’s people with a legitimate need.”

The question is, are there enough people with disposable income for purses, makeup, and plastic containers out there to sustain all of these new salespeople?

Avon, Mary Kay ranks boom as a second-job option [Bay News 9/AP] (Thanks, The Observer!)

(Photo: jameskm03)

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