Florida Albertsons Coughs Up Green For False Advertising

One effective way to draw customers into your grocery store then piss them off is to put out an ad with good deals, then refuse to honor them.

That’s the playbook Albertsons in Florida took last summer, and as a reward they’ve earned the pleasure of having to pay out a $200,000 settlement to spurned shoppers. The snafu occurred because Albertsons was selling a bunch of its stores to Publix, and the closing stores didn’t make good on the ads.

To file for your share of the settlement, visit the Florida Attorney General’s claim page. You’ll need to provide proof of purchase to get the money, so unless you’re a borderline insane pack rat who files away proofs of purchase and sorts them by date, you’re not getting a dime.

If you do happen to be a borderline insane pack rat, this is the day you unleash a boastful scream of delight.

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(Photo: dirtyblueshirt)

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