Dusty PS3 Inspector Threw Dirt On PS3 So He Wouldn't Have To Repair It

Well well well. New information from an inside source says that the tech threw dirt on the infamous “dusty PS3” to deny the warranty claim because he didn’t feel like repairing it. Shocking! His confession, inside.

1. We received the console with a fair amount of dust on it, but certainly nothing in excess of what I would expect from a PS3. As has been documented, the PS3 is basically a dust magnet.

2. The technician who got it, for some reason or another, didn’t want to repair the console and inhale some of the dust, so he decided to deny the repair as “neglect.”

3. Since the technician knew he couldn’t get the repair denied based on the condition the console was actually received in, he decided to throw a bit of dirt on the console. Getting the dirt into the repair center wasn’t that hard since the original tech was a smoker himself. All he had to do was go outside on his break. We have Ziploc bags.

4. As part of the procedure for denying a claim, pictures were taken and attached to the case notes. These same pictures were taken after the dirt was thrown on it and posted on Consumerist.

5. The warranty contains no clause for the technician to deny the warranty based on the dust alone, as the owner knows. That’s why the technician had to throw dirt on it and claim it was neglected.

6. Sony should repair or replace the console. Period.

I worked in the same facility. I’m pretty sure at least one supervisor knew about it. They just didn’t want to publish anything because it was already a PR nightmare, and admitting they did that would just hurt them even more.

Last we checked, Reid had tried getting a refund through VISA but they ended up denying it. We asked him what he thought of this story and he said, “All of this seems possible to me and really just sad, I’d be really sad to hear that all this trouble was caused by one lazy tech.”

Sony hasn’t responded to our request for comment.

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