Wondering about average gas prices across the country? Overall, they’re up (big surprise) and gasoline is currently cheaper than diesel fuel, too. If you missed it back in May, you can also learn why gas prices keep going up. Spoiler alert: it involves supply and demand. [Consumer Reports Cars]


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  1. RonDiaz says:

    That article is barely a month old and its predictions are already way off, we are fast approaching $3 a gallon for gas here in Wisconsin. Diesel is a little lower still, and e85 is holding in the low $2 range right now. Bring on the gouging.

    • sleze69 says:

      @RonDiaz: I am so glad that Diesel has finally dropped below regular gasoline. I can once again flaunt my 40MPG to my friends without having to do math to prove it is cheaper than their cars.

  2. Canino says:

    Nationalize the greedy oil companies!

  3. Sean Masters says:

    From a comment on the article: “In the mid 70s, oil was $50-$55 a barrel also. Back then, gas cost around 65¬¢ a gallon. In the late 80s, it was approximately the same per barrel (if you want to consider the cost to refine “unleaded” gasoline) and the price was around 90¬¢ a gallon. In the 90s, it was up to $1.69 a gallon, yet still was around $50-$60 a barrel.”

    Fadel Gheit, a Managing Director and senior analyst with Oppenheimer & Co, “said at the oil price speculation hearings, shown on C-SPAN, that a profit can be made at $45 a barrel, that means in 2008 $100 of the $147 per barrel went to speculators.” (quote also from a comment on the article)

    The ca^H^H oil is a lie.

  4. missy070203 says:

    2.59-2.85 in Pennsylvania

  5. Scuba Steve says:

    Just paid 2.23 in SC this weekend (on a trip from the 2.47 in ATL)

    Speculation, Supply fixing, and Increased demand mean that prices are going to rise very quickly, and very high.

  6. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    It’s anywhere from $2.43 to $2.49 in Northern VA and D.C. Sigh.

  7. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    G R E E D .

  8. ConroyCotta says:

    After about 2 years of gasoline being $1.00/gallon LESS than diesel, here in Maine diesel is now $0.25 CHEAPER than gasoline.
    Is this not the national trend???

  9. Trai_Dep says:

    A tad over $3.00/gal in SoCal, but it’s well worth it to see the crestfallen faces of SUV drivers suckered by the Peak Oil Is A Ruse blatherings that ran riot here after the last run-up in gas prices peaked.
    Loves putting $20 in my tank then casually mentioning how much of an unmitigated pain it is to have to visit the gas station once a week, especially to the Hummer dudes slapping down four times that 2-3 times more often.
    Wish it was >$4.00/gal: I miss seeing grown men teary-eyed while pumping gas.

  10. itsgene says:

    Here in San Jose, CA, diesel is running about 30¢ less than REGULAR gasoline and 60¢ less than premium. Premium in my neighborhood was $3.30 yesterday.

  11. GildaKorn says:

    Doesn’t it always get more expensive in the summer?

  12. synergy says:

    Um, isn’t gasoline always cheaper than diesel?? It always have beeb around where I’ve lived in two very separated states.