Motherhood Maternity Misplaces Misdirected Merchandise

Christine made a mistake, and she admits it. She needed to return some clothes purchased online from two different retailers. Somehow, she mixed up the packages, and the clothes destined for Motherhood Maternity ended up at the Gap, and vice versa. The Gap immediately realized the mistake and sent the package back so Christine could redirect it to the correct store. Motherhood Maternity…didn’t.

Three months ago, I ordered a batch of maternity clothes from the Gap and Motherhood Maternity. Unfortunately, when I returned the pieces that didn’t fit – I mixed up the returns! The Gap immediately returned the shipment meant for Motherhood, but Motherhood did not. In emails they have claimed to have 1. never received it (I sent the UPS delivering confirmation), then they claimed to have sent it back (I asked for tracking info what was never supplied), then they just quit answering emails. I reported them to the BBB saying – yes, this was my mistake but they still should have returned it – and they told the BBB that no proof was every supplied that the items were sent to them (I resent the email thread and the delivery confirmation).

What a huge hassle – and now it’s too late to get credit from the Gap. Still I feel I should at the very least get my return back. I’m pretty appalled that Motherhood has been such a stinker about this whole thing. I won’t ever do business with them again!

So, um, which was it? Did they receive it, or didn’t they? Did they mail the item back to Christine, or didn’t they? I suspect that mixups like this happen quite often, and while it is the customer’s mistake, she should still get her stuff back. I wonder whether Motherhood Maternity’s own mailed returns tend to disappear, too.

(Photo: kingfox)

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