Hey, Don't Freak Out Or Anything But Your Cellphone Might Be Spying On You

Newsweek has an article that you should not read if you’re especially paranoid. Why? Because it says that according to a security consultant — the percentage of US cellphones that have been tapped with spyware could be as high as 3%.

Newsweek says that spyware which can be quickly downloaded to cellphones allows another party to activate the phone’s microphone even when no call is being made, and leaves no trace that someone was listening the whole time.

More than 200 companies sell spy-phone software online, at prices as low as $50 (a few programs cost more than $300). Vendors are loath to release sales figures. But some experts-private investigators and consultants in counter-wiretapping, computer-security software and telecommunications market research-claim that a surprising number of people carry a mobile that has been compromised, usually by a spouse, lover, parent or co-worker. Many employees, experts say, hope to discover a supervisor’s dishonest dealings and tip off the top boss anonymously.

Conspicuously missing from the article was any mention of how to tell if your phone has been compromised. Guess you’re on your own for that.

The Spy In Your Hand [Newsweek] (Thanks, Steve!)

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