Current And Former Walmart CEOs Shop At Target

Fortune has an interesting article about a Target that opened up in Walmart country. The store is located about seven minutes from “Wal-Mart No. 1”, the first Wal-Mart ever built, and 20 minutes from Walmart’s headquarters in Bentonville, AR. At first, Target was concerned that the Walmart faithful wouldn’t shop at their new store — but they worried needlessly. Apparently, former CEO Lee Scott and current CEO Mike Duke are regulars.

From Fortune:

Former Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott and his successor Mike Duke are both frequent visitors, according to Target store manager Chuck Simmons, who jokes that he has become so friendly with Wal-Mart’s district manager that “he’s like my second boss.”

Apparently, running a Target in Walmartville can be somewhat stressful. Why? Everyone has the CEO’s cellphone number.

“There are people who come in here who have my CEO’s cell phone number,” he says, alluding to the dozens of vendors who have set up camp in Northwest Arkansas. The last thing he wants, he says, is to get a call from Target chief Greg Steinhafel wondering why he is not doing things the Target way.

Well, yay.

Target thrives in Wal-Mart country [Fortune]
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