Nord Stepping Down As CPSC Chair. Nancy Nord, the acting chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, will step down from that position on June 1, handing the lame duck throne to fellow commissioner Thomas Moore. Nord plans to remain a commissioner until her term ends in 2012. Moore will remain acting chair until the Senate confirms a new commissioner to that seat. Confirmation hearings for Inez Moore Tenenbaum, President Obama’s pick for that role, have not yet been scheduled. [Sarasota Herald-Tribune]


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  1. Trai_Dep says:

    Adding a comment for poor, lonely, abandoned, uncommented Nancy Nord. It’s nice of you to step down early. And while China poisoned drywall came in under your watch, no children died and you didn’t bathe in innocents blood daily, making you an unusual Bush “safety” appointee. Godspeed!

    • TEW says:

      @Trai_Dep: She was pretty worthless. She should have stepped down after the first wave of poison came across the pond but like a typical pencil pusher she did not. Good luck to the next person.