WaMu, Chase, And The Case Of The Missing Deposits

Dan’s fiancée mailed a deposit envelope containing $1,150 in checks to her bank, WaMu. Someone lost the checks, but nobody will take the blame, and they simply give her the run-around.

My fiance’ is dealing with a frustrating issue where she mailed 4 checks for deposit totaling $1,150 to WaMU three weeks ago. She used an envelope for deposits supplied by WaMU with a pre-printed address. The checks have been lost in space and after four calls to Chase customer service and three weeks passing, still no sign of the $1,150.

They keep telling her the checks were mailed to the wrong address b/c WaMU is now Chase, but the checks would be returned to sender by now or forwarded to the correct address. Each call, they tell her to wait 5 days and keep checking the account, if they don’t post to the account, call back. When she calls back, they can’t find any of the previous information given on her case and she has to hold for 10-15 min. In this economy or anytime, that’s alot of money to lose without explanation. Very frustrating. Any advice? Any other reports of this issue?

Has anyone else had a similar problem? This kind of run-around is ridiculous. Call Chase Bank‘s executive customer service.

(Photo: jmchuff)

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