Visa Black Card Comes With A Sense Of Self Importance, $495 Annual Fee

Two different readers recently received an application for the Visa Black Card from Barclays. With its “patent pending carbon” material and “exclusive rewards program,” it’s not for everyone. With its $495 annual fee (plus another $195 per each authorized user), it’s not for anyone, not even the supposed 1% of the population Barclays says they’re marketing it to. We take that back—if Gob Bluth could get his own credit card, this would be the one he’d sign up for. C’mon!

Surely such a luxurious card must have some kick-ass benefits, right? Here are the terms and conditions so you can decide for yourself:

Stephen notes,

It seems a bit like trying to sell those ‘Who’s Who in American High Schools’ to people- asking a lot of money for some meaningless bit of data. I can’t quite figure out what justifies such a high price tag, other than the thrill of conspicuous consumption or in being slightly more unique than the other hundreds of customized credit cards out there.

(Congratulations to Stephen and Todd for being in such an exclusive percentile!)

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