HealthSouth Paid For Someone's Fake Boobs

Most medical company execs get dinged for being too stingy with their company’s funds. But it’s quite the opposite for former HealthSouth bossman Richard Scrushy, who was quite the giver.

When Scrushy’s wife needed funding for her underwear business, Scrushy came through with company cash. Scrushy also spread the wealth on vacations for which he had the company pick up the bill. And lest you think Scrushy would exploit his personal, publicly-held piggy bank only for himself, shareholders suing him for nearly $3 billion accounting fraud in a civil suit are now accusing him of covering breast implants.

When a performer in the girl band 3rd Faze, which he founded, needed an emergency boob job, Scrushy generously covered the operation.

“It was a medical emergency,” to pay more than $4,000 to replace the woman’s breast implants because she got sick from the previous ones while on tour, Scrushy said.

The band performed in shows that tried to persuade kids to stay in school and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Although things look bad for Scrushy, remember that he beat criminal fraud charges in 2005 for nearly running the company into the ground by book-cooking. Guy’s as slick as O.J, and his lawyers will argue that the only thing he was guilty of was having a heart that was too big.

Scrushy Says HealthSouth Paid for Woman’s Implants [Bloomberg]

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